Cleanliness Matters with 702 Housing

In an effort to ensure optimal cleanliness and sanitary standards for our residents, we have implemented the following specific cleaning protocols in collaboration with our cleaning partner, Pristine Cleaning Services, while preparing all 702 Housing properties for new check-ins:

  1. All cleaning and inspection staff will wear facemasks, hair coverings, gloves, and shoe coverings at all times while in our properties.
  2. All cleaning agents used to clean our properties are listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s “List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2” and contain the active ingredients sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium chlorite, and/or alcohol ethanol.
  3. Every surface area will be wiped down using the above cleaning agents including door knobs, walls, light switches, TV remotes, keys and fobs, kitchen surfaces and cabinets, appliances, bathroom surfaces and faucets, all furnished surfaces, handrails… EVERTHING!
  4. All linens and towels are 100% white and will be washed with 1 ¼ cups bleach/load, or 125% the of recommended concentration.
  5. All appliances will be pulled out during cleanings to provide access to all surface areas.
  6. We have increased our cleaning time-frames to account for the above measures and allow for deeper cleanings.

Many of the above mentioned are practices have already been in place, however we feel it is important to highlight at this time. If there are any specific requests, we will do our best to accommodate with enough notice.

Additional Measures and Procedures:

  1. We are not offering property showings at this time. No one will enter any property at any time after our cleaning staff exits the property.
  2. In the event of needed maintenance or repair, we are requiring all staff and/or trade-partners to wear face masks, shoe coverings, and gloves upon entering the property, as well as maintaining a 6 foot distance from any resident.
  3. Absolutely no vendors, cleaning staff, or 702 Housing representatives showing COVID-19 symptoms will be allowed access to any property.
  4. We are only offering self-check-in at this time.
  5. We are requesting all move-in and rent payments to be made electronically.

We have adopted these new measures as a necessary step in helping protect the health and well-being of our guests, staff, trade partners, and their families. Thank you for your valued trust in us and please stay healthy and safe.