Why Companies Avoid Airbnb for Corporate Housing

In recent years, Airbnb has become a household name, offering travelers a wide range of accommodation options worldwide. While it’s undeniably convenient for vacationers and solo travelers, companies seeking corporate housing have been cautious about relying on Airbnb for their long-term accommodation needs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the reasons why many companies are hesitant to use Airbnb for corporate housing and explore alternative solutions.

1. Lack of Consistency:

One of the primary concerns for companies is the inconsistency in the quality of Airbnb properties. Airbnb listings can vary greatly in terms of amenities, cleanliness, responsiveness, location and overall quality. This inconsistency can be a major issue when companies need reliable and uniform housing for their employees. In contrast, corporate housing providers specialize in maintaining consistent, high-quality accommodations that meet specific corporate standards.

2. Reliability and Availability:

Corporate housing often requires longer-term stays, which can be challenging to secure on Airbnb. While Airbnb is excellent for short-term rentals, it may not always be the most dependable option for extended stays, as hosts may not be willing or able to accommodate longer durations. Corporate housing providers, on the other hand, are geared towards longer stays and can offer more reliable availability.

3. Privacy and Security:

For business travelers, privacy and security are paramount concerns. Airbnb properties are privately owned and managed, which can lead to uncertainty regarding safety and privacy. Corporate housing providers, however, prioritize the security and privacy of their guests by implementing strict security measures and professional management.

4. Limited Business Amenities:

Corporate travelers often require specific amenities to make their stays productive and comfortable, such as high-speed internet, workspaces, and access to meeting rooms. Airbnb properties may not consistently provide these amenities, whereas corporate housing providers understand the needs of business travelers and ensure their accommodations are well-equipped for work-related tasks.

5. Billing and Reporting:

Companies require transparent billing and reporting for their expenses. Airbnb’s billing system can be less straightforward for corporate clients, making it harder to track and manage expenses. Corporate housing providers offer streamlined billing and reporting processes that cater to the needs of businesses.

6. Compliance and Insurance:

Corporate housing providers typically adhere to local regulations and insurance requirements, providing peace of mind to companies concerned about compliance and liability issues. Airbnb hosts may not always have the same level of awareness or adherence to these factors, potentially exposing companies to unnecessary risks.

7. Flexibility to Continue Month-to-Month:

And finally, the biggest issue with the Airbnb platform is the inability to guarantee the option to extend a stay as needed. In the world of corporate housing, flexibility is often key. Companies may need to extend their employees’ stays, or plans may change unexpectedly. Airbnb’s model requires reservations to be defined at the time of booking, which can be restrictive for businesses that are not sure how long they will need the accommodations. On the other hand, many corporate housing providers offer the flexibility to continue month-to-month with the ability to submit a “notice to vacate” to conclude the lease, allowing companies to adjust their housing arrangements as needed without the hassle of rebooking or the risk of no longer having the property available and needing to relocate.

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In conclusion, while Airbnb is an excellent choice for leisure travelers and short-term stays, it may not be the ideal solution for corporate housing needs. Companies often prioritize consistency, reliability, security, and specialized amenities that corporate housing providers can offer. When it comes to accommodating their employees during business trips or relocations, many companies opt for the reliability and professionalism of corporate housing providers like 702 Housing to ensure a hassle-free experience.